Team Kids

                        Team Kid
 TeamKid is a group that meets weekly every Sunday night from 6-7.  It’s open to all Preschoolers (not defined by age just as long as they are comfortable being away from mom and dad) through 6th Grade.  We are working with the children to help them learn about the Love of Jesus, the ABC’s on how to become a Christian, and how to develop their walk with the Lord.  We also use practical implications on how they can rely on God to help them through difficult situations whether they are at school or at home.  We also sing songs and learn memory verses.  A snack is provided as well as activity time.  The  children often perform the songs they learn during the Sunday morning service. 
We also do outreach activities that include performing songs and a small play to shut ins and nursing home patients.  Other activities are planned throughout the year such as bowling, skating, and other fun activities. Transportation is also available if needed.  Please contact the church at 336-364-3426, or us the contact us form on the webpage if a ride is needed.  Thank you for the opportunity to work with your children it is a privilege and Honor to work with the Children of Gateway Baptist Church.